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How I can install Soft Phone?
Installation and Configuration process is available online at

What are Installation Charges?
There are No Installation Charges for Soft Phone, you can get a Free Copy of Soft Phone from Installation and Configuration process is available online at

When I dial a Brain TEL number it goes towards a Voice Mail, Why is this Problem?
There are 2 reasons for a Brain TEL number goes to Voice Mail. First the number is not online or second there must be a configuration problem in your soft phone. If you can Switch OFF and then turn it ON, it will work fine.

What is Voice Mail?
Voice Mail is a term used for voice message services. At Brain TEL, Calls are diverted to Voice Mail when the user is unavailable or has the phone powered off. The phone alerts you to indicate the receipt of a message in a Hard Phone and if you are using a Soft Phone then you can get your Voice Mails in your Email Inbox.

What is Call Forwarding?
Call Forwarding service is a feature that allows the customer to forward their phone to another phone number (for example, you can forward your home phone number to your cell number or any PTCL Number if you know you are going to be away from home).

What is Call Conference?
Call Conference service is a feature that allows the customer to make Conference Calls with 5 Persons at a time. At Brain TEL, a total number of 6 Persons can talk simultaneously.

What are the Main Features of Brain TEL?
There are many features of Brain TEL are available with service. You can find a detail of Features at

How can I divert my calls on my Cell Phone if I’m away from my computer and hard Phone?
Soft Phones, IP Phones and Handy Tones have different criteria’s for diverting calls; you can find a detailed setting for diverting calls on

What are the minimum bandwidth requirements of Soft and Hard Phones?
For using Soft or Hard Phone, a minimum of 28K Speed should be there to avail Brain TEL service.

What is X-Lite and X-Pro and what’s the difference between them?
X-Pro is a full featured Soft Phone in which you can use all the functionality of Brain Tel service and X-Lite has lesser features than X-Pro.

How reliable is Brain TEL as compared to PTCL?
Generally Speaking, PTCL has traditional phone service but Brain TEL is using new technology called IP Telephony. Traditional Phone Services are getting vanished from screen throughout the world. Future belongs to IP Telephony; all kind of traditional switching system is being removed. Brain TEL is reliable because we are using Future Technology embedded in our service.

I’m trying to get a Free Number and using Brain NET’s scratch card to sign in. I’m unable to get through. Why so?
Brain Telecommunication Ltd is a customer concern company; we are offering our Free Numbers to our Regular Package Users, not Scratch Card Users. We value our regular users and this Free Number Service if for regular users only. If you are a regular user of Brain Telecommunication Ltd and using our services from last some months then we can offer you a Free Number Facility with Free Incoming, and Voice Mail Facility.