Dialup 56kbps Services


Dialup 56kbps Services

Brain offers high performance dialup packages designed to meet the requirements of corporate users. Dialup is suitable for small/home offices where bandwidth requirement is not much. Dialup connection is suitable for use on a single PC. Dialup can be used in areas where other high-end solutions are not available and you require only basic internet working like sending/receiving mails etc. You can also have a dialup account to be used as an uplink if you have a satellite downlink installed in your office. Following are the types of dialup services being offered by Brain.

Type of Product / Services:

Normal Dialup Account

Brain Corporate offers normal dialup packages designed specifically to meet the requirements of the corporate clients. We offer cost effective dialup solutions that are most suited for your small office use.

Multi-user accounts with any desired range of simultaneous sessions

If your business needs require you to have a single user account that can be connected simultaneously any number of times, we have he solution that suites exactly your requirements. All you need is to subscribe to a multi-session enabled account from Brain.

112Kbps Analog Multilink Dialup Account

in Corporate offers high speed 112k multilink accounts to its corporate clients. If your office is located in a remote area or your local exchange cannot provide you and ISDN line, you can subscribe to our multilink account and have a high speed internet connection working in your office. 112k Analog Multilink requires you to install 2 modems in your computer and have two phone lines to dial-up available. You would connect using both lines and modems in your computer and the computers dialup networking multilink capability would combine the speeds to double the overall internet speed.

DB2 Accounts

Brain Corporate offers bulk internet dialup accounts with customized database to basic administration rights. If your enterprise level organization requires you to have a bulk amount of dialup accounts that you can provide to your additional branch offices or deals etc. you can subscribe to this service and free yourself from the hassle of buying internet accounts for individual branch offices. Instead you can subscribe to bulk internet accounts and handle them from your head office.

International Roaming (GRIC) Accounts

If you travel a lot and don’t want to be in dilemma of buying an internet account every time you connect to the internet in a different country, you just don’t have to! With Brain, it’s easy! All you have to do is to subscribe to our GRIC enabled dialup account and you’re ready to take your PC anywhere in the world and connect through our internet dialup account. All you have to do is plug in the telephone line into your Laptop and dial; you’ll be connected to the internet instantly and can use your emails and other applications that require an internet connection.

What are the benefits?


Dial-up service is the most affordable way to connect to the Internet from your home or boarding room.


You can access your e-mail from anywhere provided there is a phone line. In addition, as Brain’s e-mail system is also Web-based, you can check and send e-mail from any computer with an Internet connection and a browser.

In Control

You are in control of usage.

Personal e-mail Address

You get one personal e-mail address. .